FortiWeb Cloud WAF-as-a-Service - Abonnementslisens (1 år) - 100 additional web sites - med vert

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Using an advanced multi-layered and correlated approach, FortiWeb provides complete security for your external and internal web-based applications. At the heart of FortiWeb is AI-based detection engine that uses machine learning to identify requests that stray from normal patterns and takes action to protect applications from known and unknown zero-day threats.

  • Correlated threat detection with AI-based behavioral scanning
  • Enhanced protection with Fortinet Security Fabric integration
  • Visual analytics tools for advanced threat insights
  • Third-party integration and virtual patching
KategoriOnline og apparatbaserte tjenester - skydataprogramvare, skysikkerhetsløsning
ProdukttypeAbonnementslisens - 1 år
InstallasjonstypeMed vert - SaaS
Antall lisenser100 additional web sites