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The FortiPresence Wireless Retail Analytics solution provides the tools brick-and-mortar retailers need to better understand and influence consumer shopping behavior. The Fortinet's Presence Analytics solution delivers more than just location based analytics. The unique combination of statistical analytics with a sophisticated customer engagement engine, including social Wi-Fi capability, enables retailers to influence customers purchasing decisions to attract customers and increase the basket size of existing customers.

Presence and positioning analytics

Real-time location trends, total visitors, time spent in store, comparison across stores, and heat maps with animated flows.

Customer engagement tools

Social Wi-Fi, conversion and bounce rates, visitor contact info, and wayfinding and related services.

Cloud-based service

No hardware to purchase or manage means quick and easy deployment.

Fortinet Presence Analytics Solution

The solution leverages the existing in-store Fortinet access points or FortiWiFi wireless LAN infrastructure to detect each customer's smartphone Wi-Fi signal. Smartphones continually scan for wireless access points, and FortiPresence uses this signal to detect customer presence, location and movements.

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