FortiPenTest - Abonnementlisensfornyelse (1 år) - 10 additional IP / FQDN targets - med vert - lisens kan stables

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Sku: FC-10-FPENT-236-02-12
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FortiPenTest is a Fortinet developed Cloud-native penetration test tool based upon the OWASP Top 10 list of application vulnerabilities. It is designed to use Fortinet's extensive FortiGuard research results and knowledge base to test target systems for security vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability testing

FortiPenTest leverages the OWASP Top 10 Application Security Risk listing to craft a series of tests designed to verify that a target system has been successfully secured against exploit or penetration. Full results are displayed and categorized by their CVSS severity score.

Detailed results with suggested remediations

Each vulnerability found can be drilled down to get detailed information on the issue along with suggested remediation steps.

Robust report engine

Both summary and detail reports are available for each test run. Results can be exported from the system for distribution to a wider audience.

KategoriOnline og apparatbaserte tjenester - programvaretesting, skysikkerhetsløsning
ProdukttypeAbonnementlisensfornyelse - 1 år
InstallasjonstypeMed vert - TaaS
Antall lisenser10 additional IP / FQDN targets
DetaljerLisens kan stables