FortiNDR Netflow Support for FortiNDR-VM16 - Abonnementlisensfornyelse (3 år) - for P/N: FC3-10-AIVMS-461-02-60

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FortiNDR represents the future of artificial-intelligence (AI)-driven, network-based breach protection technology designed for shortstaffed Security Operation Center (SOC) teams to identify, classify, and respond to threats, including those that are well-camouflaged. Supervised and unsupervised machine learning (ML) continuously analyze metadata, especially east-west data in datacentres, to identify threats, especially those which may be already persistent in the network.

FortiNDR significantly reduces the time to identify network anomalies and malicious content on your network and mitigate with Fortinet Security Fabric and third party integration.

Shortage of experienced SOC analysts

Experience is the hardest thing to acquire in cybersecurity, especially in threat analysis, outbreak investigation, and malware research experience. FortiNDR provides Virtual Security Analyst.

Breach prevention

Using both ML and signature-based to identify breaches with high degree of confidence, including data enrichment on attacks.

AI-powered detection and response for cyber attacks

Innovative threat actors disrupt cyber security through automated attacks designed to overwhelm or sneak past your SOC defenses.

ML-based traffic profiling and malware detection

Carefully crafted cyber threats designed to bypass your existing security controls through the camouflage with malware detection.

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