FortiManager Cloud Device Based - Abonnementslisens (3 år) + FortiCare 24x7 - 1000 devices/virtual domains - med vert

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The rapid embrace of digital innovation has made networks and network security much more complex - and vulnerable. While malicious cyberattacks remain a serious problem, 48% of all breaches last year came from benign sources that could have been prevented. Moreover, 75% of network outages and performance issues are the result of misconfiguration error. In this regard, a network security strategy that prioritizes network automation and simplified management can help reduce one of the leading causes of cyber risk and downtime - human error and misconfigurations.

FortiManager Cloud enables central management of FortiGate devices from a cloud-based FortiManager, Fortinet's network management solution.

FortiCloud Premium customers can easily enable the FortiManager Cloud service by getting the 360 Protection bundle or by purchasing it a-la-carte.

  • Single Sign-on Portal to manage Fortinet NGFW and SD-WAN
  • Cloud-based network management to streamline FortiGate provisioning and management
  • Extensive automation-enabled management of Fortinet devices
KategoriOnline og apparatbaserte tjenester - skydataprogramvare, skybasert styring
ProdukttypeAbonnementslisens - 3 år
InstallasjonstypeMed vert - SaaS
Buntet-støtteFortiCare 24x7
Antall lisenser1000 devices/virtual domains