FortiGuard FortiWeb Security Service - URL-databaseoppdatering - 1 år - for P/N: FWB-VM01

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The FortiWeb Security Service provides fully automated updates to ensure protection against the latest application layer threats. It employs advanced Application vulnerabilities, Robots, Suspicious URL Patterns, data type patterns and heuristic detection engines to enable FortiWeb appliances to prevent both new and evolving application threats from gaining access to your web applications and its valuable content and sensitive data. Fortinet provides global updates via the FortiGuard Network for comprehensive protection against all application layer threats.

  • Automated content updates keep defenses up-to-date with the application vulnerabilities, Robots, Suspicious URL Patters, data type patterns and heuristic detection engines
  • Real-time update response to new application threats provides the highest level of protection
  • True "set and forget" functionality reduces security management operational costs
  • Push and pull update options provide the fastest possible update times
  • Device-based licensing eliminates per-user fees to significantly lower entry cost and ongoing maintenance costs
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