FortiGuard Advanced Malware Protection - Abonnementlisensfornyelse (1 år)

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FortiGuard Advanced Malware Protection is a robust service providing core technologies needed for security protection for known and emerging threats.

  • Antivirus: automated content updates and malware and heuristic detection engines, proactive threat protection against known threats
  • Botnet IP/domain security: protects against botnets and prevents threat from communicating with command and control servers
  • Mobile security: protects against threats targeting mobile platforms
  • FortiSandbox Cloud: advanced threat detection that performs dynamic analysis to identify known and unknown malware, ransomware and other malicious activity
  • Virus outbreak protection: provides malware detection for emerging threats discovered between your signature updates
  • Content Disarm and Reconstruction: eliminates threats as it strips all active content from files in real time, creating a sterile flat file
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