FortiGate-100F 5 Year FortiGuard OT Security Service (OT dashboards and compliance reports, OT application and service detection, OT vulnerability correlation, OT virtual patching, OT signatures - Application Control and IPS rules)

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The FortiGuard Operational Technology Security Service provides specialized intrusion prevention system (IPS) signatures to detect and block malicious traffic targeting applications and devices in manufacturing, plant, safety, and other operational technology (OT) environments. Combined with a FortiGate NGFW, malicious network traffic is blocked before causing harm by threat actors seeking to control or disrupt operations. In addition, the service can act as a virtual patch to provide immediate security protection until a vendor patch can be developed and deployed.

Core network protection

Use deep packet inspection to scan traffic to detect and block threats.

Protection for OT

Extend IPS protection to OT devices and applications through specialized signature sets designed for OT environments.

Virtual patching

Protects vulnerable OT apps from exploits when patches aren't immediately applied.

Coordinated network response

Deploy new OT security countermeasures in near-real time through coordinated network actions.

Lifecycle protection

Address initial access stages of the kill chain and MITRE ATT&CK framework.

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