FortiEDR Repository Storage Addon - Abonnementslisens (2 år) - additional 512 GB data retention storage

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FortiEDR delivers advanced, real-time threat protection for endpoints both pre- and post-infection. It proactively reduces the attack surface, prevents malware infection, detects and defuses potential threats in real time, and can automate response and remediation procedures with customizable playbooks. FortiEDR helps organizations stop breaches in real-time automatically and efficiently, without overwhelming security teams with a slew of false alarms or disrupting business operations.

Discovery with proactive attack surface risk mitigation

FortiEDR delivers advanced automated attack surface policy control with vulnerability assessments and IoT security.

Malware prevention

FortiEDR uses a machine learning antivirus engine to stop malware pre-execution. This cross-OS NGAV capability is configurable and comes built into the single, lightweight agent, allowing users to assign anti-malware protection to any endpoint group without requiring additional installation.

Real-time and automated breach protection

FortiEDR detects and defuses fileless malware and other advanced attacks in real time to protect data and prevent breaches. As a soon as FortiEDR detects suspicious process flows and behaviors, it immediately defuses the potential threats by blocking outbound communications and access to the file system from those processes if and once requested.

Orchestrate incident response with customizable playbooks

Orchestrate incident response operations using tailor-made playbooks with cross environment insights. Streamline incident response and remediation processes, manually or automatically roll back malicious changes done by already contained threats - on a single device or on devices across the environment.

Guided interface with data enrichment

FortiEDR automatically enriches data with detailed information on malware both pre- and post-infection to conduct forensics on infiltrated endpoints. Its unique guided interface provides helpful guidance, best practices and suggests the next logical steps for security analysts.

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ProdukttypeAbonnementslisens - 2 år
Antall lisenserAdditional 512 GB data retention storage