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Advanced attacks can take just minutes, if not seconds, to compromise the endpoints. First-generation endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools simply cannot keep pace. They require manual triage and responses that are not only too slow for fast moving threats but they also generate a huge volume of indicators that burden already overstretched security teams. Further, legacy EDR tools drive up the cost of security operations and can slow processes, negatively impacting business.

FortiEDR delivers advanced, real-time threat protection for endpoints both pre- and post-infection. It proactively reduces the attack surface, prevents malware infection, detects and defuses potential threats in real time, and can automate response and remediation procedures with customizable playbooks. FortiEDR helps organizations stop breaches in real-time automatically and efficiently, without overwhelming security teams with a slew of false alarms or disrupting business operations.

Discover, predict, prevent

Discover, enrich, and control rogue computers, IoT devices, and applications based on risk mitigation policies. Prevent threats with next-generation antivirus.

Detect and defuse in real time

Detect and defuse potential threats in real time, automatically. Stop the breach, prevent data exfiltration, and protect data from ransomware encryption even on compromised devices.

Playbook-based incident response

Create customizable contextual incident response playbooks. Automate incident response including terminating processes, removing files, isolating devices, and rolling back malicious changes.

Real time and automatic

Stop breaches and prevent data loss and ransomware damage with no dwell time. Eliminate the incident response time gap.

Efficient security operations

Eliminate alert fatigue and optimize operations with customizable, standardized incident response processes.

Minimize business impact

Ensures business continuity in the event of a security incident. FortiEDR enables response and remediation while keeping systems online, saving time and money.

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