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FortiCloud is a cloud-based SaaS, offering a range of management and services across the Fortinet firewalls and access points. FortiCloud offers zero touch deployment, configuration management, reporting and analytics, sandboxing for zero day threat protection and the indicators of compromise service which utilizes big data analytics to identify threats already present in client devices. As a cloud service, FortiCloud can grow with your requirements from a single AP or FortiGate all the way up to a full MSP management solution for thousands of devices across multiple customers.

Enterprise management and reporting for FortiGates and FortiWiFi

FortiCloud extends the already extensive capabilities of Fortinet's FortiGates, FortiWiFi and Virtual FortiGate devices. Online log storage provides a full year of detailed information along with a wealth of reporting options. Configuration management is also included in the FortiCloud solution. FortiCloud Sandbox provides real-time protection while the Indicators of Compromise suite will discover clients which already contain malware and provide advice as to how to mitigate these threats. The Multi-Tenancy options within FortiCloud offer a simple interface for an MSP to manage hundreds of FortiGates and APs across multiple customers with complete data isolation and controlled access rights for users, guest administrators and full administrators.

Configuration and device management from a single pane of glass

Consistent configuration of the devices within your network is essential to maintaining an optimal performance and security posture. FortiCloud provides a central web-based management console to control Fortinet devices. Device settings such as IP addresses or SSIDs can be centrally configured for individual devices or pushed to multiple devices. Configuration backups are kept in FortiCloud to assist with replacement or recovery efforts. Device firmware updates can also be centrally managed and controlled, thereby ensuring uniformed policy enforcement and allowing you to take advantage of the latest features.

Hosted log retention and cloud-based storage

Log retention is an integral part of any security and compliance best practice, but administering a separate storage system can be burdensome and costly. FortiCloud takes care of this automatically and stores your valuable log information securely in the cloud. Depending on your device, you can easily store and access different types of logs including traffic, system, web, applications and security events.

Full control over wireless guest access

Managing wireless guest usage can be cumbersome if administered separately at each remote site, with simple misconfigurations potentially opening up your network to security threats. For organizations in hospitality and retail in particular, centralized guest access management is a must have. FortiCloud allows you to fully control how guests access your wireless network and includes features such as customizable captive portals for authentication.

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