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The FortiAuthenticator VM delivers centralized, secure two-factor authentication for a virtual environment with a stackable user license for the greatest flexibility. Supporting from 100 to 100000 users, the FortiAuthenticator-VM supports the widest range of deployments, from small enterprise right through to the largest service provider.

  • Low cost per user and a stackable licensing model makes the FortiAuthenticator-VM one of the most flexible and cost effective solutions in the market
  • Standards-based secure authentication which works in conjunction with FortiTokens to deliver secure two-factor authentication to any third-party device capable of authentication via RADIUS or LDAP
  • Hardened appliance which can be deployed in minutes to secure access to your network infrastructure
  • Integrates with existing solutions such as LDAP or AD servers to lower the cost and complexity of adding strong authentication to your network
  • Support for email and SMS tokens enables rapid deployment of two-factor authentication without the need for additional dedicated hardware
  • User self service password reset lowers your costs by allowing your users to reset their own password without administrator intervention
  • Certificate authority functionality simplifies your CA management and delivers user certificate signing, FortiGate VPN, or server x.509 certificates for use in certificate-based two-factor authentication
  • Upgrade path from FortiGate/FortiToken allows you to maximize your existing investment and scale your two-factor deployment when needed
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