FortiAnalyzer Security Rating and Compliance Service for FortiAnalyzer-VM - Abonnementlisensfornyelse (1 år) - for 1 - 11 GB/day of logs

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Sku: FC2-10-LV0VM-175-02-12
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The digital attack surface is expanding rapidly, making it increasingly difficult to protect against advanced threats. According to a recent Ponemon study, nearly 80 percent of organizations are rapidly introducing innovative capabilities based on digital technologies, but their ability to protect against cyber attacks is not evolving at the same rate. In addition, the challenges posed by complex and fragmented infrastructures continue to drive an increase in cyber events and data breaches. The various single-function security products used in some organizations typically operate in isolated environments, preventing network and security operations teams from having a clear and consistent view of what is happening across the organization. An integrated security architecture with analytics-driven security and log management capabilities can address this lack of visibility. As part of the Fortinet Security Fabric, FortiAnalyzer supports analytics-driven use cases to enable more effective breach detection.

End-to-end visibility with event correlation and threat detection

Reduce detection time by leveraging the Indicator of Compromise (IOC) service to quickly identify a threat in your network.

Enterprise-class high availability

Automatically back up the FortiAnalyzer database to up to five nodes in a cluster, even geographically dispersed ones, for disaster recovery. One of the secondary nodes can easily become a primary node.

Advanced compliance reporting

Provides hundreds of predefined reports and templates specifically according to regulations to make it easy to demonstrate compliance.

Security Automation

Reduces complexity and cost by leveraging automation achieved through REST APIs, scripts, connectors, and automation stitches.

Enterprise-class integrations

Ensures turnkey integration at no additional cost for trusted partner products such as Splunk, IBM QRadar, ServiceNow, Tufin, and AlgoSec.

Multi-tenancy and administrative domains (ADOM)

Separate customer data and manage domains by leveraging ADOMs to be operationally compliant and efficient.

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ProdukttypeAbonnementlisensfornyelse - 1 år
Antall lisenserFor 1 - 11 GB/day of logs