FortiAnalyzer Enterprise Protection Bundle - Abonnementlisensfornyelse (3 år) + FortiCare 24x7 - including IOC service, SOC service and FortiGuard Outbreak Alert service - for P/N: FAZ-800G

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An integrated security architecture with analytics and automation capabilities can address and dramatically improve visibility and automation. FortiAnalyzer provides security fabric analytics and automation to provide better detection and response against cyber risks.

Enterprise-grade high availability

Automatically backs up the FortiAnalyzer database to up to four nodes in a cluster that can be geographically dispersed for disaster recovery.

Advanced compliance reporting

Provides hundreds of pre-built reports and templates which are regulation-specific to make proving compliance easy.

Security automation

Reduces complexity and cost leveraging automation enabled via REST API, scripts, connectors, and automation stiches.

Enterprise-ready integrations

Provides turn-key integration with no extra charge for trusted partner products.

Multi-tenancy and administrative domains

Separate customer data and manage domains leveraging ADOMs to be compliant and operationally effective.

KategoriOnline og apparatbaserte tjenester - brannmur, apparatprogramvare, hybridskyplattform
ProdukttypeAbonnementlisensfornyelse - 3 år
Buntet-støtteFortiCare 24x7
Antall lisenser1 lisens
DetaljerIncluding IOC service, SOC service and FortiGuard Outbreak Alert service
Informasjon om kompatibilitet
Designet forP/N: FAZ-800G