DTS Professional Services Resident Engineer - Teknisk kundestøtte - vedlikehold - 6 måneder

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With DTS Professional Services Resident Engineer (RE) your organization can benefit from on-site technical expertise within a particular technology or solution domain. With organizations unable to focus on non-business critical functions such as IT support and opting for outsourced support model, the RE services can offer a viable alternative to provide advanced operational support and maintenance functions whilst resource investment is directed towards revenue generating business streams.

With Resident Engineering Services your organization can benefit from improved SLA for fault and ticket resolution. Your organization can also leverage in-house O&M expertise whilst also providing Level 2/3 support services. DTS creates strategic relationships with vendor technologies and certified RE's can directly interface with Technical Assistance Centers (TAC) reducing the turnaround time in isolating cases, collecting the right level of logs and providing due diligence advice to the local team.

  • Resident operational design - services that are designed, deployed and provisioned on existing infrastructure
  • Resident operational and maintenance - day-to-day operations and configuration changes, firmware validation, testing and upgrade
  • Local level 2/3 support services for the particular vendor technology
  • Interface between your organization operational team and the vendor TAC team
  • Knowledge transfer of the technology, functions, features, troubleshooting guide to the local team
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